Q&A: The Most Readable Way to Introduce a Complex Topic

Oct 30

I got a call recently from my client Ben. He explained that a hot blockchain company was pitching to his angel investing group and he’d like to do a pre-event promotional blog. He did have a concern…

“While our group is really smart, I’m not sure they understand blockchain technology beyond its role in cryptocurrency.”

I have to admit I fell into that “know but don’t know” category. While I’d scanned blockchain headlines on the web and LinkedIn, I hadn’t read further. Given the need to educate 130 angel investors on an investable blockchain company, I took a deep dive to educate myself.

And it was complicated. Not just the technology, but also the tremendous opportunities the pitch company, SIMBA Chain, affords across diverse industries such as supply chain, title insurance, music licensing and the military. Couple that with why investors should put their hard-earned cash into this investment, the process of creating an engaging blog became that much harder.

Never fear. That’s why people hire me. I make the complex simple. And one of the most readable ways to do it is to use a “Q&A” style blog format. Here’s why I—and others—like this conversational writing style:

  • Q&A makes it easy to brand the client as the voice of authority.
  • Q&A anticipates readers’ questions and presents the answers the client wants to get across.
  • Q&A allows complex information to be presented in “digest-able” paragraphs.
  • The Q&A format – bold questions and regular text answers – is scannable thus easy to make key points.
  • Q&A engages the reader, making them feel like they’re part of the conversation.

With Ben’s approval, I dove into the blog and crafted the Q&A between using the research I’d done on blockchain in general, SIMBA Chain specifically and what my client, VisionTech Angels, wanted people to know about the investment opportunity.

The result, the “Next Blockchain Blockbuster” blog, presented the complex topic perfectly. (Read it here.)

To maximize impact, I promoted the blog on social media and through email marketing. I am happy to report that after pitching to the angel investing group, this blockchain startup is moving on to due diligence and possible funding!

Looking for more ways to make complex topics readable, engaging and lead generating? Let’s connect! I’m always ready to share ideas and insight. Melanie@lux-writes.com

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