Bullish on Blockchain: Former Microsoft Exec Joins Startup SIMBA Chain

Jan 29

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (January 29, 2019) – – SIMBA Chain, a blockchain startup whose technology platform enables users to deploy blockchain dapps (distributed applications) in minutes rather than weeks or months, has announced that Joe Matz, a 26-year Microsoft veteran with extensive global responsibilities, has joined the company as an executive advisor. Matz will counsel SIMBA Chain on strategy, pricing, and use agreements for the company’s blockchain as a service (BaaS) business model.

Prior to accepting the role with SIMBA Chain, Matz served as Microsoft’s corporate vice president for worldwide licensing and pricing, with responsibilities for developing global licensing models and financing solutions. During his career with Microsoft, he also served as assistant treasurer, a position that encompassed corporate finance, strategic equity investments, risk management, and treasury IT systems.

Commenting on the announcement, SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig said Matz brings a trifecta of qualities to the company: deep experience at one of the world’s premier information technology solutions companies, an intimate knowledge of how best to scale transformative technology among diverse user groups, and insight into global markets.

“SIMBA Chain has worked thoughtfully and purposefully to create a transformative solution that harnesses the power of blockchain and does so in a way that makes it eminently accessible and uniquely beneficial for business, government and individual users. We are looking to Joe to help us accelerate adoption of SIMBA Chain using the operational and pricing best practices he established and employed for nearly three decades at Microsoft,” Neidig said.

Up until now, developing blockchains has been complex and costly; developers typically have to know multiple languages to code. SIMBA Chain is disrupting the space by offering developers as well as business and government enterprises a cloud-based BaaS platform that enables users with even minimal technical skill sets to create dapps for specific user bases. Matz said SIMBA Chain has the opportunity to help organizations fill a significant gap in their digital transformations.

“For many companies and government agencies, blockchain is the “missing link’ in their digital strategies because of the complexity and cost of developing dapps,” Matz said. “SIMBA Chain eliminates these hurdles to adoption and returns trust to the digital enterprise. Users can quickly and easily adopt, develop and deploy custom blockchain dapps for government communications, corporate supply chains, patient records, music licensing, financial transactions—and realize the benefits of knowing their data is safe on the Cloud and cannot be changed, compromised or deleted.”

Added Matz, “We’re about to have a lot of fun at SIMBA Chain.”

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