MEDICA MANIA! How Caremed B2B Added Major Customer Benefit With Its Blog

Oct 09

In six weeks, upwards of 200,000 people will swarm into Dusseldorf, Germany, for MEDICA, the world’s largest medical industry trade fair. Some 5,100 exhibits will be spread over 17 halls and guests will have just four days, November 18-21, to see it all plus ferret out and meet with potential business partners.

The experience can be insanely overwhelming.

Which is why Caremed B2B, one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of high-tech pressure care products asked me to write a blog featuring inside tips for getting the most out of MEDICA. U.K.-based Caremed B2B is a huge believer in the power of content marketing and using its blog and social media to provide useful information to its customers and prospects.

The project was a piece of cake, in part because I had worked an international trade show in Dusseldorf – along with other major trade shows – as the media relations point person for global packaging company Sonoco and knew first hand how crazy these events can be.

Caremed B2B clients David Jones, Simon Borg, and I put our collective experience together to create the tips. I wrote the blog in a very conversational tone with zero marketing speak. Next, I cross-referenced Caremed’s tips with backlinks to MEDICA’s website, which has a wealth of great information as well as handy apps for visitors. The backlinks also serve to boost the SEO of the Caremed blog, making it easier for search engines and visitors to find.

I have to admit, after reading the blog I think I could jet off to Dusseldorf and enjoy MEDICA pretty easily. See what you think of the Caremed B2B blog here.

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