Go-Station Set to Fuel the Electric Vehicle Market with Its Self-Serve Recharging Stations

Dec 15

Numerous studies have shown that despite a desire to drive “green” vehicles, some consumers steer clear of electric vehicles (EVs) because they worry about the lack of charging stations. Studies also show that consumers are more likely to buy an electric car when they see charging stations around town.

New Mexico startup Go-Station is seeking to put an end to EV driver anxiety. On Friday, December 13th, Go Station dedicated its first EV charging station at the highly-trafficked Winrock Shopping Center in Albuquerque in a ribbon-cutting ceremony that included politicians and business leaders. The company plans a highly tactical rollout of its network of freestanding DC fast-charging stations, starting with major metropolitan areas across the Southwest with large concentrations of electric vehicles. GO-Station is also targeting municipalities considering a switch to electric vehicles.

What’s interesting about the Go-Station recharging kiosks is their resemblance to ATMs. The bright green kiosks are entirely self serve. Drivers simply pull up to charge. However, instead of inserting a credit or debit card, customers use an app to log into the Go-Station kiosk to activate charging. The app has the customer’s payment information and charges the customer.

Serial entrepreneur Stu Rose, an early adopter of electric vehicles (he drives a Tesla), is bullish about Go-Station’s future. “There is a dearth of recharging stations in the U.S. and it’s a real issue for EV drivers. Even if you plan your trip carefully around charging station locations, they’re not always there. Part of the Go-Station solution is making it very easy to find its kiosks online and with the bold green kiosk design, easy to find once you get there.”

According to Rose, a typical charge requires about 30 minutes. A charging session can be half that if the driver is just “topping off” their battery.

The company has assembled an all-star team with deep experience in the automotive industry, drawing talent from names like Daimler Truck, Penske, Mercedes Benz, and Efacec. Andrew Hisey is the president and CEO; Ray Addison II is vice president and CMO; Mike Anderson, former CEO of Efacec USA, is COO; and Louis Efron, a Fortune 200 HR expert, author and frequent contributor to Forbes, is consulting on corporate culture and infrastructure.

A quick note…the day before the official launch as the team was putting the final touches on the kiosks, a woman driving a Leaf drove up and asked if she could get a quick charge. “Of course,” said Rose. “That’s what we’re here for.”

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