Why I Will Never, Ever Buy Flowers from Anyone but The Bouqs Again

Feb 02

Do you order flowers online? It’s convenient, but can be frustrating. Now, with Valentine’s Day gift-giving fast approaching, we flower givers have a decision to make. I know what I’m going to do:

Make mine The Bouqs, a farm-to-loved one online flower retailer.

As a branding geek, I love a good startup marketing story. What I love even more is a CEO, founder, or team member who truly lives the brand. John Tabis, co-founder and CEO of The Bouqs – who also happens to be a graduate of University of Notre Dame – is one of those people. The guy is living sunshine. (Skateboarding with flowers and a face-splitting smile? Gotta love it!) During an interview for a profile for the Notre Dame IDEA Center, he shared why he started an online flower company:

“I had recently bought flowers for my mom online. There were thousands of different products,
 lots of discounts and lots of fees—so I didn’t know what I was actually getting. They advertised a price—I think it was $19.99 or $24.99—but after I gave them my credit card to check out, the real price was two-and-a-half to three times higher than the advertised price. I was so frustrated; what should have been joyful experience was anything but.”

Long story short – read the long version here – John, with the help of four other people that included fellow Notre Dame grad and co-founder, Juan Pablo Montúfar, and his mother, founded The Bouqs with the goal of disrupting the $50 billion floral industry – and bringing transparency to the buyer’s experience. It’s worth noting that at the time, John was working from home and caring for his young child and the family dog, his mother was doing customer service from Pittsburgh, and Juan Pablo was working at his family’s flower farm in Equador. John calls those early days, “The Wild, Wild West.”

“It was borderline insane.”

Seven years later, The Bouqs has personal relationships with 140 eco-friendly flower farms around the world and a growing customer base. In 2019, the company sold tens of millions of stems that are likely the freshest flowers available. And John personally guarantees each customer’s happiness with their purchase.

As I wrapped up my interview, I had one last, very important question for John: What’s your favorite flower? His answer: The carnation. Not any carnation, but one that is a subtle shade of lavender and gray. I bet it’s a stunner.

Read the complete profile of The Bouqs’ John Tabis here>

And when you order your sweetheart’s flowers, tell them Melanie sent you.



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