What People Say About Our Work Together

My company is changing the way we manage the populations and health of wildlife and feral animals like horses. Having an idea, creating a prototype and patenting your technology is just a beginning. Securing investors, pilot projects, and customers is an entirely a different matter. If the world doesn’t know what you’re doing and the problems you’re solving, none of it matters. Melanie got our message out, and now things are happening.

Roch Hart, CEO + Co-founder, Wildlife Protection Management

PaizaBio’s business model involves contract manufacturing of injectable drugs in China, for the Chinese market and required China’s FDA to make significant regulatory changes. Our challenge was educating global companies and media on these changes and the opportunities. Given the technical subject matter, we needed an experienced brand consultant and content marketer. Melanie executed everything we needed superbly, from highly targeted messaging, technical blogs and white papers, to international trade articles and sales collateral. PaizaBio is now a leader in this global industry sector. Melanie is a joy to collaborate with!

David Deere, Chief Commercial Officer, PaizaBio, Inc.

We’re an early growth startup in the B2B healthcare industry and have two jobs: marketing our nutritional ice cream and gelato products and fundraising. Melanie has been an excellent brand consultant for positioning our product for healthcare executives, clinicians and investors. She understands our audiences, their hot buttons, and does an excellent job writing content for blogs, sales collateral, emails, and pitch decks.

Alan Gessel, CEO, Thrive Frozen Nutrition

As American physicians whose parents emigrated from India, our dream was to start a healthcare company in Delhi. We hired Melanie as our brand and messaging consultant, which included ghostwriting blogs for us that were clinically informative, but also reflected local social and cultural preferences. She was definitely found our voice; our blogs routinely reached over 10,000 people with engagement well over 25 percent.

Dr. Suguna Pappu, Neurosurgeon + Founder, D-Care India & Dr. Ravi Durvasula, Infectious Disease Specialist + Founder, D-Care India

With my SmartState Center moving into execution stage, I knew I had to have Melanie on my team. She has a gift of listening to your vision and goals, gleaning the most important aspects and weaving straw into gold. Melanie is a vital member of our strategy team, helping us to fully craft our message and pair the right words with the right visuals for impact and branding.

Laura B. Cardinal, SmartState Endowed Chair, USC Center for Innovation + Commercialization

VisionTech Angels is one of the Midwest’s most active angel investing groups. Melanie has been our communications strategist for over a decade. She knows our business and investing process inside out. She’s excellent at promoting our pitch events, engaging members, creating blogs, and working the media.

Ben Pidgeon, Executive Director, VisionTech Angels

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