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Sep 02

Website Team Page: What Style Is Right for You?

When you’re checking out a potential business partner, employer, consultant or investment opportunity, what web page do you hit first? Very likely it’s the About Us or Team page. It’s only natural; we all want to know who we’re dealing with. How a team or individual is presented, both graphically and via text, has powerful … Continued

Aug 04

Flyover Country No More! Indiana Is Heating Up August with Startup Events

It’s common knowledge that the East and West Coasts are the kings of tech, startups and investment capital. However, all good things come to an end and Indiana is working hard to make the idea of flyover country a myth. What does Indiana have going for it? For starters, three great research universities: Purdue, Indiana … Continued

Aug 03

We Need More Entrepreneurs Like Rita

It’s good to see the number female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies on the rise. Kathy Warden at Northrup Grumman, Safra Catz at Oracle, and Mary Baron at General Motors are just a few who’ve claimed the top jobs. The 2019 Fortune 500 list boasts 33 women CEOs, up from 24 in 2018. There’s still … Continued

Aug 03

The Art of the Interview: How to Get the Real Story

I was deep in an interview with an expert in experimental and theoretic modeling. Tasked with writing a profile of the researcher for a general audience, she was speaking at the 10,000-foot level in terms only a fellow academic – or her mother – would love. This was not going to cut it. Then it … Continued

Jun 11

Optimizing Images for Search: Are You Missing an Opportunity?

What is more interesting to you – a screen full of text or text punctuated with images? That’s a pretty easy choice for most of us. A text-only website, blog post, or other digital content is neither engaging nor memorable. In fact, research shows people are 80 percent more likely to read content that includes … Continued

Jun 08

The Big Flip: Joanna Gaines Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

Maybe I watch too much HGTV. Maybe it was growing up in a family of home builders and realtors. Or maybe it’s my passion for creating interesting living spaces. Whatever the reason, I love renovating and selling houses. Over the last ten years, I’ve renovated and sold seven houses in three states. My biggest project … Continued

Jun 08

Words of Wisdom for Startup Success

Break out the cake, the champagne, the balloons and confetti! Lux + Associates, Inc. – now Lux-Writes – is celebrating 25 years in business as a successful marketing communications, branding and public relations firm. Long before it was cool to be an entrepreneur, wear a man bun, drink lattes, and play ping pong in a … Continued

Apr 10

How to Make Rejection Work for You, Not Against You

This past Monday I had an inkling something wasn’t right with a client of mine. Recent brainstorming sessions with their sales team were tense and critical where before they were productive and fun. A number of the management team had been fired in recent months. Never a good sign. Projects that had been easy were … Continued

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