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Nov 16

Three Ways to Go Beyond the Bird this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; even more than my birthday, which I dearly love. One of the reasons turkey day is number one with me is there are no gifts to buy. That’s not to say gifts aren’t involved; they just come in different forms. A well-prepared meal. Time with friends and family. Silly card … Continued

Mar 13

Feel Like Giving Facebook the Boot? You’re Not Alone

“A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.” – Irish Proverb Last week a friend asked what I was giving up for Lent. Typically I give up sweets or adult beverages. But this year, I gave up something different. I gave up Facebook. Odd choice for a content marketer who manages social media channels for clients. … Continued

Feb 03

What Makes Community? Look No Further than the Arts

What makes a community unique, a place we want to visit time and again or come to live? It’s certainly not free wifi. Or endless rows of chain restaurants. It’s not the presence of Walmart. No, what draws us to communities is the quirky, the memorable, the different, the things that make us smile. It … Continued

Feb 03

PR Is Not Dead, But It’s a Crap Shoot. 10 Tips for Success

A former colleague has extended an invitation to speak to her public relations students at the University of South Carolina this spring. I’m flattered, but a little apprehensive. Public relations is not dead, but it’s much different than it used to be. Gone are many of the traditional media outlets. There are fewer reporters (and … Continued

Feb 02

Good Words, Bad Words: What’s Safe to Say?

Growing up, my parents were clear about what words were acceptable and those that weren’t. A slip of the tongue would earn a nasty swipe of soap. Fast forward to now. While we may think we’ve outgrown the need to be reminded of good words/bad words, reminders are a good thing. Words that work in … Continued

Jan 04

When My Obsession Became My Personal Brand

It started innocently enough. I was 12 and needed a pair of cowboy boots for horseback riding. My mother took me to a farm supply store and bought me a pair of Wrangler boots for $27. Instantly I was transformed from awkward ‘tween to bona fide cowgirl. Those boots saw a lot of action; three … Continued

Dec 17

The Best Way to Network Isn’t LinkedIn

  Not a day goes by that I don’t get a request from someone I’ve never met to connect on LinkedIn. Usually it makes sense, but often it’s someone who just wants to rack up a huge digital network. In my humble opinion, this isn’t the best way to network. Personal connections are much more … Continued

Dec 03

The Best Client I Never Met. (In Person)

True story. I have never met one of my best clients. Even after two years of the intense work of launching a startup in a very complex industry (pharmaceutical contract manufacturing) and and an even more complicated business environment (China), we’ve never once had a face-to-face meeting. And you know what? It works. The relationship … Continued

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