John Deere Acquires World-Changing Agtech Startup Smart Apply

Jul 19

Last Friday, John Deere, the biggest brand in the global agriculture industry, acquired an Indiana agtech startup called Smart Apply. It is a huge cause for celebration for Smart Apply’s founder, team members, investors, and specialty crop growers who benefit from the company’s technology. As Smart Apply’s communications director for the last 15 months, the announcement was very exciting.

For the last 15 months, Smart Apply and its ability to change the world for the better by reducing farmers’ dependence on chemicals, has been my passion. I have met many wonderful people and learned so much about the specialty crop industry and various sectors. There’s nothing like going behind the scenes and into the orchards, vineyards, and fields to give one an appreciation where our food – and wine and beer – come from.

With Smart Apply, I also had the opportunity to do what I do best: branding, messaging, websites, blogs, PR, social media, and video production. But I also got to do dealer support, which was something new, and attend a few trade shows. I am now an official member of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association!

Now, I’m having a Mary Poppins moment. I need to identify the next startup or client who needs the Lux-Writes magic to flourish. Stay tuned!

Read the Deere announcement here. Visit the Smart Apply website to see some of my handiwork.

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