Freelance Writing, Content Marketer, Brand Consultant

If you’re looking for versatile writer/content marketer who’s written for virtually every format of the written and spoken word, I’m your girl. Services are offered on a freelance project basis or as an ongoing gig. If your goal is to create a “virtual” marketing+ creative team, that works for me, too. With a good Internet connection, anything is possible.

Brand Consulting + Messaging

Branding is more than a cool logo. It also includes a messaging strategy that when consistently used, conveys who you are, your authority and value delivered. I can help with that.

Staying Relevant During a Crisis

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for on-point, timely communications has never been greater. Staying relevant requires an understanding of what stakeholders need from you, authenticity of voice, and consistent delivery of promises made. I can help.

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Blogs, Social Media + Web

We all want to be found on the web. The best way to go about it is with great content that’s relevant to your audience and search engine optimized to be found. Let’s do it.

Video, TV, Radio + Podcasts

As an award-winning broadcast writer/producer, I know how to write scripts for promotional and educational videos and audio. Heck, if you need an indie film screenplay, I can do that, too.

PR, Editorial + Ghostwriting

OK, this may seem a little old school, but it’s powerful. And, press releases and editorial content can be leveraged to other platforms for lead gen and building loyalty. Let’s get writing.

Sales + Investor Support

This is the essential content you need to get the job done. Pitch decks. Collateral. Case studies. White papers. I’ll make potential customers and investors take notice. Are you ready?

Personal Branding

This has become increasingly important as people in all industries seek the voice of authority. From bios and websites to social platforms and speeches, I can help

Annual Reports

Annual reports are unique documents, combining business data, thematic storytelling and visual concepts. Let’s get our hands dirty and create a report that satisfies your stakeholders.

Do you need freelance writing or a consulting for something not listed here? Don’t be shy. Give me a shout and let’s talk

Call, text, email or complete a form. Whatever you do, don’t wait. let’s get started